Primitives by Kathy Box Be a Unicorn Sign

Words of wisdom have been prevalent on people’s walls for a very long time. We’re sure you can remember visiting your grandparent’s house or even great-grandparents house and seeing poems or sayings on their walls, usually cross-stitched or printed. Well, the modern version of that is coming to light, and it is bold and sassy as ever. The trend of wall decorations having great sayings and snippets on them is booming at an exponential rate.

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Detailed information about Primitives by Kathy Box Be a Unicorn Sign

This 5-inch by 3-inch distressed wood sign is perfect for the independent and sassy individual in your life. It has printed on it “Always be yourself | unless you can be a unicorn | then always be a unicorn” This is an amazing college send-off gift, housewarming gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, stocking stuffer, or even an anniversary gift (if you play your cards right and the person has a fitting personality). It could sit on a shelf or desk or be hung virtually anywhere. Spice up a bathroom or hallway, hang it in the bedroom, or add it to a basement rec room. The great thing about box signs is that they can be hung or they can stand on their own. This fun box would look great on any desk, especially for teachers or people that work with teenagers. It gets a point across but has a bit of sass as well. These are even great as thank you gifts.