Bath Bomb with Ring Inside

This beautiful bath bomb is a truly luxurious gift option that is actually two gifts in one! That is because as this fizzy, fun gift dissolves in the bath, a small plastic ball will pop out! Within that little plastic ball is a stunning surprise ring! What is really exciting about this surprise ring is that it can have a value anywhere from $15 all the way up to a whopping $5000! So, your bath bomb will contain a ring with a value of at least $15 but you could end up with a ring that has a value of $5000. Talk about a valuable gift!

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Detailed information about Bath Bomb with Ring Inside

This is a super high-quality, very nice bath bomb. First of all, it is made of high-quality ingredients that produce lots of foam and fizz for a luscious bath experience. This is also an extra-large bath bomb! Often times, bath bombs are only around 2 ounces, but this huge bath bomb is 10 ounces! It is a wonderful size that really enhances your bath experience. This particular bath bomb is called Mermaid Daydream. It is a lovely green-blue color and as it fizzes and dissolves, it turns the bath that same dreamy color to really give you an amazing Mermaid themed bath! The lovely scent that comes along with this Mermaid Daydream bath bomb further adds to the awesome spa-like experience!