Panther Vision Unisex Lighted Dog Walking Hat

Lots of people find they have to be out and about at night. Whether they are walking the dog, going for a run or on a camping vacation, there will always be a time when there just isn’t enough illumination to see what they are doing.

When taking the dog out for its last walk at night there is often not enough light to clean up after our four-legged friend. When camping, we often need to find our way to the campsite washroom while the night is very dark. We don’t even have to be outside to need some kind of extra illumination.

This dog walking hat is just what everyone needs to provide a solution to the problem.

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Detailed information about Panther Vision Unisex Lighted Dog Walking Hat

It is a 100% cotton twill cap with four LEDs fixed under the peak, aimed slightly downwards to illuminate the ground ahead. The LEDs have a light output of 48 lumens and are powered by four CR2032 battery cells. These are included when the cap is bought and they are easily replaced when they run down.

The LEDs give visibility of up to about 42ft (13m) and the batteries can last for about 40 hours. The cap is easily washed, just remove the batteries and wash as normal, but don’t replace the batteries until everything is completely dry.


Superb cap with built-in LEDs

So useful and looks good too

Great for any member of the family, everyone needs just a bit more light in the dark