Cute Dachshund Hot Diggedy Dog Throw Pillow Cover

Rooms always need scattered cushions to make the room appear lived in and cozy. There is almost nothing better than to snuggle down on a sofa with a blanket and a cushion to watch a romantic movie, and when the cushion has an adorable and cute picture printed on it, the effect is even better.

Have you got someone in mind who loves to snuggle? What types of a picture does this person prefer? Rainbows, unicorns, horses or dogs? Some of the most popular image types printed onto cushion covers are of dogs; after all, dogs are meant to be our best friends, aren’t they?

This pillow cover from Bnitoam combines some of the most popular choices for scatter cushion covers. Apart from the image which is of a cute cartoon dachshund with five cartoon birds, the best part of this cushion cover is that it is made from 100% cotton linen.

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Detailed information about Cute Dachshund Hot Diggedy Dog Throw Pillow Cover

This is an ideal fabric for cuddling as it is warm and soft unlike similar cushion covers made from synthetics.

The cover has an invisible zipper so the recipient can easily remove the cushion insert if the cover needs to be washed.

The cute and colorful images are printed on one side only and the cover itself measures 12” x 20” (30cm x 50cm). Purchasers, please note that the item is for a cover only, the cushion will have to be bought separately, but standard sized 12” x 20” cushion insert will easily fit.


100% cotton linen cushion cover

Cute and cuddly cartoon dachshund printed image

Fits a standard sized cushion insert

Bright and vibrant colors

One of a range of different images to suit most tastes