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Maternity My Baby Loves Tacos Funny T-Shirt

Being pregnant is one the most fantastic time in a woman’s life. But it can also feel like one long journey with the longest nine months accompanied by lots of uncomfortable physical changes. In between the numerous doctor’s appointments, shopping for baby stuff, preparing her nursery, baby-proofing the house, an expecting mum is likely to have her hands full and a lot to do in her long to-do list.

This is the best time to show her some love with a unique gift meant just for her and put a smile on her face. What would make her happier than a baby bump Tacos T-shirt that is not only stylish but also funny and cute too?

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Detailed information about Maternity My Baby Loves Tacos Funny T-Shirt

This maternity T-shirt from Crazy Dog T-shirts is simply awesome and a fantastic gift to a mom to be. Let her show off her adorable bump and her craving for the super yummy Mexican food any day of the week. Whether its Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, or whichever day she chooses to wear this lovely t-shirt, the tacos have to be ready for her! It gets better if she is a tacos fan and she can't simply get enough of them. If she has crazy cravings for tacos, then no gift can beat this loveable t-shirt.

The quality is superbly good. It’s designed and printed in the USA. It is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. As expected, its lightweight, comfortable and super soft on the skin. The prints are professionally done using art equipment and the highest-grade plastisol ink for lasting durability and vibrant, attractive colors.



High-quality maternity T-shirt made from ultra-sprung cotton to achieve a comfortable fit and feel

It's machine washable

Available in different sizes and colors


Some pieces are a bit shorter than expected