Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light

Every selfie enthusiast knows that the key to perfect pictures is perfect lighting. This can be a challenge and sometimes leads you to strange places, like bathroom lighting. And when taking photos of food, you find that it’s too dark to even see what’s on your plate. Now, Auxiwa’s Clip-On Selfie Ring has changed the game! Now you can enjoy bright, flat lighting wherever you go.

The Selfie Ring features a clip that allows users to clip it around the front or back camera. To turn it on, simply press the power button. Pressing it again changes the lighting level for a less bright look. There are 36 LED lights around the outside ring, ensuring an even light around the focus of the photo. The best part is, it’s lightweight! It can easily be taken in a purse or bag, anywhere.

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Detailed information about Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light

Auxiwa is powered by rechargeable batteries so there’s no need to worry about it dying out. It also has a scratch-resistant sponge on between the light ring and clip so your devices remain scratch-free when it’s removed. The sponge also assures you it won’t fall off your phone when your mid-picture. Ingenious design and super functional, Auxiwa is a sleek little product that provides durability for beautiful long-lasting photos.

Give this as a gift to your daughter, sister or girlfriend and they’ll be overjoyed! They’ll be looking flawless in their selfies in no time. The LED ring directs light onto their face so that it’s lit with a soft even glow. It’ll look like a studio professional took their photo, that’s how good the Selfie Ring is! But, it’s not only for that. The ring light can also improve rear camera photos in low lighting or at night. Make those pictures of your beautiful dinner shine by using Auxiwa.