Personalized Pint Glass Tankard – “Hoppy” Birthday

This personalized tankard by Dust and Things is the ideal gift for the consummate beer drinker. The tongue in cheek humor combined with beautiful craftsmanship and custom engraving is a well-considered gift that could well become a cherished keepsake that will last a lifetime.

The Dust and Things company is located in South Wales and they have a renown flair for making fun and personalized whimsical keepsakes for all of the special occasions that crop up in our lives.

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Detailed information about Personalized Pint Glass Tankard – “Hoppy” Birthday

This mug holds a cold and frosty pint of ale, beer, Guinness or any number of the handcrafted artisan beers that are all the rage on the market today. No matter what is poured in this mug, anything served in this exquisite tankard will taste all the better for it.

The style of this glass with the large handle and the embellishments around the bottom, along with the skillfully worked engraving of the recipient's name, makes this a novel one of a kind gift that anyone would be thrilled to have, but a beer drinker would most definitely be ecstatic!


Cleverly tells the lucky birthday honoree to have a “Hoppy” Birthday

Personalized with the recipients first name engraved on the mug; there will be no forgetting who this mug belongs to

This pint glass given in combination with a six-pack or case of their favorite beer makes for a very special and exceptionally unique birthday gift