Peradix Money Cat Shaped Toy Bank: Save Coins

It’s a fabulous gift to help children and adults learn to save money and keep spare change in a convenient place. The Money Toy Bank features a cardboard box design with a small fishbone plate coin holder. Placing a coin on the fishbone plate will cause a small cat to meow and poke its head out of the box to “steal” the coin with one of its paws! The money then gets deposited into a safe coin holder where it can be easily accessed in the future. It’s so fun and creative no one can resist putting coins, and after a while, they’ll have saved up more money than you can count!

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Detailed information about Peradix Money Cat Shaped Toy Bank: Save Coins

The Peradix Money Toy Bank is powered by 2 AA batteries and can be turned on with a simple switch. Once on, it automatically steals coins whenever they are placed on the fishbone plate. To remove the coins simply twist a handle on the bottom and shake out what you need! This Toy Bank is such a fabulous gift for children and adults! Rather than telling a child he/she can’t spend their money on things they want, this bank teaches them that saving money can even be a fun thing. And it’s great to start them out young because that way they develop healthy habits which stick with them through adulthood.