HDE Novelty $100 USD Bill Funny Money Toilet Paper

The Ben Franklin Toilet Paper is a humorous toilet paper made with the same design of the $100 bill. It doesn’t matter how much money a person has, what matters the most is the sense of humor they possess. This product will certainly make a person feel like a millionaire. It can be bought as a joke for a family member, a coworker or a friend. Also, It can be placed in someone’s toilet as a prank. It has a clever sense of humor since both money and toilet paper are made of the same material.

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Detailed information about HDE Novelty $100 USD Bill Funny Money Toilet Paper

The notes on the Ben Franklin Toilet paper are 1.5X times bigger than the normal $100 bill. A person can tell the giftee this is the only difference as a joke. Despite the fact that this is a copy of the dollar, this product offers a comfort that other high-quality toilet paper products provide. It is soft and safe to use.