HDE Novelty $100 USD Dollar Bill Funny Money Toilet Paper

Have you ever imagined that you had as much money as a monarch or notable personality? It would be a dream to have a sports car, a large house with many rooms and a pool or use cash to clean up yourself.

The Ben Franklin Toilet Paper allows you to live a dream of the good life. It offers you the fantasies of good living. Whether you’re wealthy or not this product puts you in the shoes of a multimillion dollar business tycoon. As we all know the power that fantasies hold in our respective lives, then we can understand the good effect a dollar toilet paper will make you feel have. The toilet paper helps you display $100 notes in your toilets and feel like the multimillionaire you are not.

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Detailed information about HDE Novelty $100 USD Dollar Bill Funny Money Toilet Paper

The notes on the Ben Franklin Toilet paper are 1.5X times bigger than the normal $100 bill. This shows the difference between the normal $100 bill and the toilet paper version. It is therefore advisable that you should know that despite the similarities in appearance between the toilet paper and the original a lot of differences exist between them. Despite looking like a copycat $100 bill, this product offers you the same comfort you get from the best toilet papers. Look forward to wiping yourself with riches and enjoy the best comfort doing so. The soft material used ensures that you don't get injuries from cleaning up yourself or bruise yourself in any sensitive areas.