Rabbitgoo 3d Decorative Privacy Window Films

Are you looking for more privacy on a window or door? Or maybe just something to spruce up an area of the house? This window film is a beautiful customizable addition to many areas of the house. The film protects against 96% of UV rays but still allows soft light in. It is a beautiful decoration while simultaneously allowing for some privacy.

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Detailed information about Rabbitgoo 3d Decorative Privacy Window Films

The film can be ordered in three different sizes: 23.6 in x 78.7 in, 23.6 in x 157.4 in, and 35.4 in x 78.7 in. The sheets can be cut and resized according to your needs. You could create a beautiful design, or put circles on a window to make them look like bubbles. You can put them on the glass of your front door, french doors or cabinets, or on any windows.