Paris in Color

For those people who love to travel, Paris is one of the most romantic and evocative of cities. It is a mix of traditional images and modern chic and for those who have been there, it is a place like no other. This book “Paris in Color” by Nicole Robertson, takes the reader on a journey through Paris with the aid of cleverly composed photographs and evocative text. It is a journey using color, shades, texture, and images. There are scenes of Paris in this book that the reader would find in no other city.

All it needs is for someone to see the image and they would know at once where they were. All the colorful and distinctive images in this book evoke a sense of the reader exploring and chancing upon the narrow streets and boulevards. This book celebrates the city of Paris like no other book can.

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Detailed information about Paris in Color

It is at one and the same time a window into the beating heart of Paris and a sumptuous work of art. This book is aimed at those who love and delight in the concepts of art and design and those who love color. But most of all this book has been made for those who have been to Paris and have seen the bright blue bicycles, the orange café chairs and the weathered white front doors.

The book comes as a hardcover for those who wish to leave the book on the coffee table and browse every now and again, or it comes in a Kindle format for those that prefer their books electronically.



This book is a wonderful study in imagery and colour that will take the reader on a trip to Paris

It is available as a hardcover and in Kindle format

The hardcover has 128 pages filled with typically Parisian images and explanatory text