Women Acrylic Black Paris Perfume Bag

The special woman in your life deserves a little treat now and then. But, it can be a challenge getting her a gift if you do not understand her sense of style. Luckily, there are neutral items that will match with everyone’s style regardless of color and textures.

One item that could impress is an evening clutch bag for her formal and casual events. This particular one from Wedding Helper will surely make a statement. It is designed to suit any occasion, match multiple styles and bring out a toned-down look. It can be a lovely gift for any of other special days including engagement, birthday, etc.

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Detailed information about Women Acrylic Black Paris Perfume Bag

The clutch bag comes in the shape of a perfume bottle. It is black with gold accents on the sides. It carries a vintage style of clutches and is incredibly beautiful for an evening piece. The purse has a buckle closure which is easy to open and close. The interior of the bag has a fabric lining which is built to last a long time even with frequent use.

The bag comes in a suitable size to fit in a few necessary items for an evening event. It measures 16.5 cm by 12.5 cm which can fit the iPhone 7 and other similar smartphones. Also, one can fit a few cards in the slots provided. The good thing is that this bag has a glossy black color which is ideal for most evening outfits if not all.