Papa Vince Gourmet Food Gift Set Fully Reviewed

Have you ever wondered what you could buy for a friend or family member who is really into their food? Usually, you try to steer clear of so-called “high-class foods” you find on the internet, after all, there is no guarantee on quality is there? Well, in this case, you would be very, very wrong.

The Papa Vince Gourmet Food Mediterranean farm fresh gift sets from Papa Vince is the quality food for which you have been searching the internet. These food products are so good you will wonder why you have been bothering with the other store-bought goods.

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Detailed information about Papa Vince Gourmet Food Gift Set Fully Reviewed

There are eleven different gift sets available, each containing various products locally produced by the Papa Vince farms in Sicily. There are too many different combinations of products to go into them all in a review such as this, but as an example the Gift Basket number 2 set includes: one 500ml (16.91 fl.oz) bottle of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressed. This isn’t like the cheaper store bought olive oil, it is rich and tasty with flavors of olives and hints of others like tomato, pepper and artichoke.

One 250ml (8.5 fl.oz) bottle of Moscato Balsamic Vinegar. This vinegar is made from fresh grapes, pressed in the same way as wine and allowed to age for eight years in wooden casks; two 333g (11.64oz) jars of tomato sauce made with vine ripened tomatoes; one 500g (1.1lb) bag of Busiate Pasta made with 100% Durum Wheat. This wheat is grown without pesticides or herbicides and is really easy to digest.

One 250g (8oz) jar of raw Trapani sea salt. This sea salt is harvested in the traditional manner on the Sicilian coastline, it is not chemically processed so reaches you in its raw state.


Papa Vince products are produced by a small family business based in Sicily

The taste of these products is something that everyone must experience

There are eleven different gift sets available offering different combinations of products suited to the customer’s requirements