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Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board

One of the world’s absolutely greatest games just got even better! This upscale version of the classic Scrabble word game will definitely make an old game new again.

The best way to describe this deluxe edition of the original Scrabble game is elegant.

From the rich finish of the wooden edges to the indented playing surface and hardcover score pad, this rendition of the classic is sophistication at its finest and will elevate gameplay to new heights.

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Detailed information about Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board

The board is edged in beautiful wood that has a deep mahogany finish. The playing board itself has a grid that is raised, forming individual indented squares for the letter tiles to fit snuggly, guaranteeing that they will not move about when the playing board is rotated.

The Scrabble letter tiles, as well as the rack used to hold them, are also finished in the same rich mahogany color as the edge of the playing board. The letter tiles are stamped in gold and are legible and easy to read.

The game also comes with a gold foil stamped hardcover scoring book, pencil included, to add another level of luxury to an already extraordinary set.


Rotating board allows easy viewing from every angle

Indented tile spaces make certain that the letter tiles never shift

Solid wood mahogany-finished gameboard edging with matching tiles and tile holders