Nostalgia Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

What is one thing everyone needs during summer? Ice cream! And now with Nostalgia’s Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker, having delicious ice cream at home is even easier! It’s the perfect gift for any household. This ice cream maker is designed to look like a vintage ice cream maker with the power of modern technology. The bucket has a locking motor mount so it’s easy and safe to use. All you need to do is put your ingredients into the aluminum canister, place it in the bucket, fill up the bucket with salt and ice and then lock the canister into the electric motor where it does all the rest. In no time, you’ll have creamy delicious ice cream, that’s fresh and healthy.


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Detailed information about Nostalgia Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

Every ice cream recipe can be easily customized with strawberries, cookie dough, M&M’s or whatever else you can think of! And if you can’t finish it then you just need to cover it with the cap and store it in the freezer. Making and eating ice cream has never been more fun! It’s great for the house and a fabulous gift for families. Children love making their own flavors of ice cream and watching the liquid turn solid. Adults also love that they can make healthier sweet treats for their kids, without that much hassle.