Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

It seems it’s a great start for fans of Stranger Things after Netflix announced that season 3 would be running from July, this year. We must admit that the wait has painfully been long and some people (the fans) must be having a pretty dull time and a gaping void in their lives as they keep vigil of the days. Here is a Stranger Things pastime that will not only become addictive but it will put them right in the middle of the action before the 3rd season hits the screens.

This Monopoly game is an inspiration from the show, Stranger Things, The Missing Will Byers, which is a Netflix Original Series. In this board game, the players can choose a token with an 80’s theme or one “ripped from Upside Down.” They will then move all around the board as they look for Will. The fun comes in when the players pretend to walk around the Hawkins town searching and trading properties just as it is in the show.

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Detailed information about Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

It also features 12 hideouts and 32 Forts which replace the hotels and houses in the town. To add to that is a money pack, 2 dice, and a game guide. The players will struggle to find missing Will Byers in the different locations present in Hawkins. During the search, they must try their best not to get trapped in the scary Upside Down.

All this while, time is running out, and a monster is secretly lurking out there also searching for the players. The battle is on; who wins the game and who gets trapped in the Upside Down?


Strange Things themed board game

It comes well packaged with a game guide