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MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition by USAopoly

This Pokémon Kanto Edition Monopoly set from USAopoly will without a doubt be a hit and steal the show as a Christmas gift to a Pokémon fan especially the young ones. The kids love this game more than anything else, and nothing would make a Pokémon fanatic happier than receiving this monopoly set as a gift.

This is by far the coolest and greatest Monopoly game simply because is all about Pokémon. How wonderful will it be to partner and travel with Pikachu and friends through the adventures of Pokémon in all the eight gyms and get the chance to battle all?

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Detailed information about MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition by USAopoly

In this special Pokémon Kanto Edition, players get a fantastic chance to travel and venture into all the eight gyms and have the fun of battling the gym leader Pokémon. It will be all fun when the players get rewarded with Professor Oak cards and Trainer Battle cards for great Pokémon encounters. They may even bring big surprises where players get the ultimate chance to join Pikachu and friends and go through the exciting Kanto region.

This adventurous monopoly game uses 2-6 players. The set comes with 6 metal collectible Pokémon tokens which include Pikachu, Eevee, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, and Charmander. It also comes with custom Pokémon themed Monopoly money and a custom designed sturdy gameboard which features all the eight gyms.

This awesome Pokémon monopoly set comes with special sculptured Poké Marts which represent the houses and Pokémon centers which replace the hotels. The community chest cards are renamed as trainer battle while the chance cards are renamed professor Oak cards. The players will have all the fun as they go through Pokémon adventures and interreact with Pikachu and friends.


A fun collectible for Pokémon fans and kids

Comes with collectible metal tokens representing the Pokémon team

The game comes with instructions on how to play


Some sets come with missing cards