Monogrammed Leather Journal Diary with Bamboo Pen

If you are looking for a stationery gift for a friend or colleague, then you ought to ensure it will be helpful in their day to day lives. Think of how a diary could help a friend record their daily activities or keep a journal. Again, it is something they can keep and remember you for the gift.

This monogrammed diary from Case Elegance can be a lovely gift for a co-worker, family member or friend. It is designed with elegance in mind to stand out and provide optimal functionality. This can be a gift for any special event or as an appreciation token.

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Detailed information about Monogrammed Leather Journal Diary with Bamboo Pen

The diary is handmade of genuine cow leather that stands out in quality and durability. Also, it is laser etched carefully for style and elegance. One of the designs that stand out with this diary is the unique pen locking mechanism. The pen fits in double clots closing the journal altogether. This ensures everything is secure and you have a pen anytime you need to write down something.

The diary is quite big to ensure the recipient has enough room to record their experiences. It has 144 pages which total to 288 counting front and back. The pages measure 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches which is reasonable for a diary. What's more, the paper quality is of high quality which ensures ink does not show on the next page while writing. The journal lays flat effortless for easy use.