Personalized Photo Socks

For a lot of people who are restricted in what they wear day after day at work or school, their choice of sock design is able to express their personal view of the world.

Socks are the one piece of clothing that is acceptable to be bright, cheerful and a bit more fun than other clothing. Have you ever thought of immortalizing your pet dog, cat or even turtle on a pair of socks so that you can tell the world “This is the kind of person I am?” Now you can.

These are the perfect personalized gift for men or women to shout to the world that you don’t always dress in a grey business suit so get over it!

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Detailed information about Personalized Photo Socks

These unique socks come in 9 different colors with 7 different background styles. They are made from comfortable and stretchy polyester so they will fit most sized men’s and women’s feet.

They are so comfortable you will forget you have them on until someone comments on the cool fun socks you are wearing.

They will fit most sized feet and perfect for both men and women. The sock measurements actually have a foot length of 8.27” (21cm), with a calf circumference of 6.3” to 9.4” (16 to 24cm).


Comfortable and stretchy polyester socks

One size fits all

For men and women

Immortalize your favorite pet or celebrity