Porcelain Ramen Soup Bowls with Bamboo Chopsticks

Here is a fun and functional gift for the foodies and kitchen enthusiast in your life. The Ramen noodle soup bowls with chopsticks by Tasse Verreis is an interesting gift set that you will be proud to be present as a kitchen gift.

You might think a bowl is such a simple gift to gift but not this one. It is uniquely shaped with holes to hold the chopsticks and also ensure that they always stay in place when eating and for storage.

Ever tried carrying hot soup in a bowl with your naked hands from the kitchen to the table? Well, we can bet it’s not a very pleasant experience, and you probably have to use pot holders.

With this magic bowl, you really don’t need pot holders to carry noodles or hot soup. The slots designed to hold the chopsticks make it pretty easy to carry the bowl with its hot contents to the intended destination.

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Detailed information about Porcelain Ramen Soup Bowls with Bamboo Chopsticks

And in case the soup or noodles get cold, the bowls are microwave and oven safe. More so, they are dishwasher safe, so they can go in there with the rest of the dishes after a hearty meal.

As if that’s not even enough, the recipient will be pleased to know that the bowls are freezer safe. They won’t crack or break when the contents freeze.

They are perfect for all types of foods. The bowls will enhance any type of dining experience particularly Asian inspired foods such as noodle dishes, Thai curries, dumplings, stir fry, fried rice, miso, etc. Each bowl has a capacity of 20oz which allows for adequate portions enough for a serving.


High-quality bowls designed with chopstick holes

Ideal for all types of use

They are freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe

Fancy and perfect for entertaining