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Ugo Microfiber Natural Rubber 5MM or 1.3MM Yoga Mat

If you or someone you know likes to exercise or do Yoga on the floor, the chances are that they will want a rubber mat to cushion the hard and unyielding floor surface. This mat from Ugo is just the job for using with Yoga or other types of exercise.

First of all, there are two different thicknesses available: 1.3mm or 5mm, depending on the user’s preferences. Secondly, the mat is made from natural rubber with a microfiber ‘suede’ covering (this is completely Vegan and not real suede leather).

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Detailed information about Ugo Microfiber Natural Rubber 5MM or 1.3MM Yoga Mat

The covering is patterned and colored to provide an individualized finish so it is easy to see which mat is whose. One more thing provided is a carrying strap that allows the rolled up mat to be easily carried from home to the exercise gym or yoga class.

The covering is thin, lightweight and very flexible so that the pattern will not crack and break away from the main rubber. Users can use either side of the mat depending on their preferences, either the black rubber surface or the patterned microfiber ‘suede’ surface. As the mat easily absorbs liquids you would be surprised if it was not able to be easily washed. This mat is very easily cleaned in a washing machine or of course, can be washed by hand.


The mat comes in two thicknesses depending on the user’s preferences

Made from a natural rubber core covered with a soft microfiber synthetic surface

It is easily cleaned in a washing machine

Can be used to assist with a variety of sports or relaxation techniques