Manual Keynote Decorative Throw

Having a little trouble picking out the perfect gift for your favorite musician? Before you throw in the towel and subject to buying a meaningless gift card, consider something that can double functionally and decoratively. Add a little flavor to the typical throw blanket with this Manual Keynote Decorative Throw.

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Detailed information about Manual Keynote Decorative Throw

This blanket will serve well as an accent to any living room, bedroom or even better, studio space. The musical motifs are also stitched in bold black and white colors that will match the main colors of any room. Also, the fringe on the border of the throw give it that unique touch unlike typical blankets you find at the department store. And of course, it serves its purpose of being a blanket and keeping you warm. How is that for versatility? You should follow the manufacturer’s directions and be careful with how you wash it as it indicates to spot clean only. You want to make sure not to tatter this beautiful piece.