8bitdo SN30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller

Over time, the entertainment industry has grown in a way that there are so many ideas to enjoy. Think of music, movies, games and TV shows. All these have a large following and a significant number of fans. Well, video games are distinctively unique, and those that enjoy must say it is well worth the time put in.

On this note, a functional controller is an essential item for enjoying the games. This one from 8bitdo is high-quality, and you can get one for your friend.

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Detailed information about 8bitdo SN30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller

This is how well it works. It is wireless hence suitable for playing at a distance. Also, it supports dual mode that is Bluetooth keyboard and touchscreen simulation. This function makes it preferable to use for those that wish to switch modes. If you want to use a USB cable you could still use it with the controller. It ensures you have a seamless experience playing your videos.

The controller has a built-in 480Ah Li-on battery to last long enough. With this, you can be sure to enjoy the game to the end without worrying about disconnections. Also, the device has programmable keys for easy setup. It is compatible with OIS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. The extensive range makes it one of the best since it can work with most devices.