Rick and Morty Monopoly Game

Everybody knows Rick & Morty! It is one of the most popular shows in the last few years and it is produced by Adult Swim. Rick & Morty caught the attention of all audiences, from young people to adults. It became so popular that McDonald’s decided to create a fictional sauce that was mentioned in the show.  Any Rick & Morty fan would love to see this animated, science-fiction sitcom turned into a game. Now, with the Rick & Morty monopoly game, that wish became a reality! This is a great gift for anyone who loves playing board games with friends and family!

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Detailed information about Rick and Morty Monopoly Game

This game is perfect for anyone who loves the classic Monopoly games as well for people who love this amazing and crazy TV show! It is recommended that the board game is played by people who are of an age 17 and up. The game is really wonderful as it represents a unique twist on a classic game - spiced up with something really new and innovative. This game can be played by anyone who is a fan, and those who still are not - will become die-hard fans in no time! The tokens are great too because each of them represents a different part of the show. The money themselves are really amazingly designed. The board is created to be colorful and captivating. It features a lot of places that anyone who has seen the show would recognize them. Honestly, everyone will fall in love with this game as a gift!