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Large Stoneware Salad Serving Bowl – Multicolor Mexican Floral Design

With the soaring prices of goods and other household products, it is always pretty challenging to buy home décor or other nice things that will make your house feel more like a home. Thus, you only actually only buy things you absolutely need and push the other statement items to the side for now. If you know someone in your family or circle that is experiencing this, good thing they have you.

Because for their housewarming party, we found something that will not only beautify their home but also help them serve food in the prettiest way ever. What we have here is the Large Stoneware Salad Serving Bowl by La Jolie Muse.

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Detailed information about Large Stoneware Salad Serving Bowl – Multicolor Mexican Floral Design

The intricate, Mexican floral design is hand painted and is so vibrant that it will stand out from the other tableware in your home. This 78-ounce bowl also comes with 2 salad hands made of bamboo, so you do not have to worry about buying a set that won’t probably match the bowl.

The hands are great for serving and tossing the salad. This awesome salad bowl may be fancy looking, but you can totally use them every day. You can definitely pull these out as well when you are having friends over or hosting a dinner.


Beautiful and eccentric pattern design really makes this salad bowl pop

Sturdy and high quality

Affordable for what it is

Already includes two salad hands