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59 Illustrated National Parks – Hardcover: 100th Anniversary

The formation of the US National Park Service more than 100 years ago was a great achievement for the nation as a whole and also for the preservation of such beautiful regions for future generations. This book “59 Illustrated National Parks: 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service” published in 2015 and authored by Joel Anderson, is a compilation of images and information depicting each of the 59 US National Parks.

The book itself comes as a Hardcover suitable for placing on the coffee table for general browsing and as a conversation starter, or as a paperback that is easily taken on a road trip or stuffed in a backpack for use in the field. This book contains a wealth of information suitable for briefing the reader on the various aspects of specific National Parks together with iconic photographs of typical scenes found in each.

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Detailed information about 59 Illustrated National Parks – Hardcover: 100th Anniversary

This is a book (whether hardcover or paperback) for presenting to a family member or close friend who has an interest in the great outdoors and the wilderness found in the National Parks. It is a celebration of 100 years of the existence of the National Parks Service together with being an educational asset depicting the wonder and wilderness of these amazing places.

Great to give as a gift for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, the start of the outdoors season, before taking a vacation in one of the specified regions or just as a general encyclopaedia to the American National Parks.


This is a really superb informative book full of fascinating facts and amazing photos that will make the reader yearn to visit the great outdoors

It's sold as a hardcover for displaying on the coffee table at home or as a paperback for actually using in the field

This wonderful collection of fascinating facts and colorful photos will be one of the most read educational books in one's possession