Doggy Moodycards

This Doggy Moodycard flip card file is the ideal present for the office Christmas white elephant exchange this year or just as a funny gag gift for one of your coworkers anytime at all. Doggy MoodyCards adds an element of animalistic humor to the human workplace by putting hilarious dog faces and poses together with some wickedly funny memes that sum up the daily toil of the workplace.

These adorable canines and their comical captions are bound to invite comparisons to the always varied and interesting bevy of coworkers at the office.

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Detailed information about Doggy Moodycards

Every card in this file, from the Shiatsu who has had the “Rough Night” to the “Sexy and I know it” toothy dachshund will bring gales of laughter and high spirits to any office setting. There is also the exuberantly happy “It’s Friyay” and a very grumpy Mastiff. All of these pups lend themselves to the personalities of the people around the office and finding the similarities will be half of the fun.

This compilation of comical canines that is sure to be a favorite in any office. Dogs just have a knack for wearing some of the most human expressions on their faces. Add a few witty words and there you have the perfect reason to smile.


Inexpensive gift, perfect for the office gift exchange

Twenty-four different cards so there is sure to be a dog face that will perfectly fit any mood

Spiral bound construction with double-sided pages and easel style stand