Spend New Year’s Eve With Your Family In A Special Way

The end of the Roman calendar years comes with a giant celebration of all things ending, and all things to come in the next year. The transition into the new year is often hyped up. Families and couples attend lavish parties and dining events. Nights are long and run far passed the midnight hour. There are champagne toasts, flights of wine, appetizers, and party favors. The festivities are energetic and rich in color and character.

The same old crazy New Year bash can get tiresome and old. Money is spent and wasted. Champagne is popped and emptied. Instead of trying to wriggle enough energy and materials spends to invest in a crazy night out to celebrate the close of the year, why not make the night a more intimate one? Spend time with your inner circle, the people that matter most to you. It doesn’t have to be grand, and champagne doesn’t necessarily have to be involved. Break out the board games, and find a remote! Pick out something to cook and something to bake. Buy a craft project or a jigsaw puzzle.

Have a good ol’ night in with your family – and make it special. Whatever the activity, take the time to rest with your family and enjoy the good company. What’s a new year with reflection?

We’ve crafted some suggestive ways to create a relaxed and blissful night – in with your family on New Year’s. If it’s  just you and your significant other, you and a handful of rugrats, or extended family and friends, the ideas below will melt you and your loved ones right into the New Year without all the hype.

Start A Fire

winter backyard fire

Warmth brings people together in the cold! If survival has taught the human race anything, it’s that everyone needs a good fire. Grab some logs from outside and stoke up a blaze and the people will come! Grab Snacks, like s’mores and affiliated accessories and popcorn kernels. Utilize the fire to indulge in some delicious Holiday treats.

Pick a Puzzle or a Board Game

Find an activity that appeals to your whole family. Maybe Grandma loves Yahtzee, or son Joseph is addicted to the card game, Spit. Pick a game that many can play and set it up on the kitchen table. Board games can be a focal point of an evening or serve as a foundational side piece to keep people busy and talking.

Maybe every commercial break of A Christmas Carol one person gets up and attempts to figure out the puzzle. If they don’t make it, everyone takes a sip of hot chocolate, or some bubbly for the over-aged.

family board game

Bring everyone to the living room after a home cooked meal and surprise the family with a Monopoly, each person already assigned a character based on their personality and knowledge bank!

Let the creativity loose with not just how you pick your board game or puzzle, but with how you allow the game to be played.

Pick a Recipe and Cook

If your family enjoys dinners in, pick a recipe you’ve never tried before and pitch the dinner to your family. Make cooking a team effort. Bring out all the ingredients and let every pick what piece of the recipe they’d like to handle.

The recipe can be for a pasta dish, fish, or a chicken filet! If you want to order in pizza and bake brownies it is totally your call! Maybe everyone picks their favorite meal and dessert recipe and puts it into a sorting hat. From there, a coin flip decides who gets to pick from the hat. This way, it is a toss-up what you and your family will get to eat that night! The hat idea includes a chance or surprise and makes it special, particularly to whoever’s dream meal is chosen!

cooking at home

Cooking can take hours, so time it right if you have another activity for you and your family to attend to. If cooking is the focal point, seriously good for you! You’ve chosen an activity that dis-engages the entire family from their phones, and leaves out any disturbance from technology while enjoying family time. New Year, new expectations, and a new slate!

Art and Craft Something

arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are engaging activities that can serve as an excellent family Holiday retreat on New Year’s. If you want to gather everyone around a table, but really be alone with yourself at the same time, then a craft is perfect for you! Find your voice and create something with your family. Maybe the craft is a gingerbread house, drawings all etched out on pen and paper prior to building the foundation. Maybe the craft is to paint a Christmas tree, and pin them around the room to guess who drew what!

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