Christmas Jumpers to Set You in the Mood for Xmas

What would the Christmas season be without a Christmas jumper? No matter if you’re getting ready for your annual work Christmas party or if you’re preparing for Christmas eve with your family, it’s best to have your jumper ready well in advance. With hundreds of different designs you can find, it might appear to be relatively impossible to find the right design that accentuates your personality and the holiday season.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest Christmas jumpers to really set you in the mood for Xmas to give you a better idea of some sweaters that might be just what you’ve been looking for.

1. Traditional Elf Christmas Sweater

Forever Christmas Jumpers

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Where would Santa be without his helpers? If you’re not the type of person to dress up in a full Santa or Elf costume, you’ll love this traditional elf jumper. The entire front of the sweater is your typical idea of what an elf would look like, though your head will finish the rest of the body. It’s truly a quintessential design that everyone will love not only because of its creativity but also because it screams “Merry Christmas”!

Designed using knitted acrylic; you can rest assured that the sweater will keep you warm as well and fit perfectly under your winter coat. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about the itchiness you’d typically experience from wearing wool and other materials.

2. Rudolph with Pom-Pom Nose Jumper

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We wouldn’t say that this Christmas jumper is one of the more fashionable ones on the list, but it surely gets the point across. With an adorable cartoon interpretation of Rudolph stitched onto the front of the sweater, everyone will appreciate how relatable the design is. Plus, for added texture you’ll love the stitched red pom-pom in replacement of his nose.

One of the things that we love the most about the Rudolph with Pom-Pom Nose Jumper is it’s available in multiple colors, as well as in a complete pajama set, depending on your needs. You can choose from black, blue, green, and red.

3. Reindeer Sequin Shirt

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If you’re trying to stay away from the traditional concept of a Christmas sweater and are looking for something a little more fashionable and appropriate for everyday wear, you’ll love the Reindeer shirt. It still accentuates your Christmas spirit but without compromising style, making it the perfect top to wear to work or out-and-about while you’re Christmas shopping.

The jumper is designed to offer the benefits of a fashionable top as well as a warm and comfortable hoodie. The front of the sweater has a wrap design that is flattering for all body types and it is constructed out of spandex and polyester, offering an optimal amount of stretch for comfortable wear.

If there’s one thing that makes this Christmas jumper stand out from the rest it’s the sequined reindeer on the front which adds a glorious sparkle to pull the whole design together. Not to mention you can buy it in a variety of colors including royal blue, cranberry, grey, black, and forest green.

4. Vintage Stranger Things Christmas Hoodie

Vintage Stranger Things Christmas Hoodie

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What would a list of Christmas jumpers be without a Stranger Things design? As easily one of the world’s most popular television shows, why not show off your personality with a vintage Eleven jumper that combines the perfect amount of Christmas and pop culture into one design. Available in black, green, and navy blue you’ll love the quintessential Christmas print on the front of the sweater with an embedded image of Eleven holding a box of Eggo waffles.

The most noticeable and quite frankly the most interesting part of the sweater is the text that says, “Eleven Days of Christmas” as it takes a funny play on words in comparison to the traditional twelve days of Christmas.

5. Nailyhome Sequin Deer Sweater Top

Nailyhome Sequin Deer Sweater Top

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As another Christmas jumper on the list that is designed for fashion that is appropriate to wear to work and other outings where you want to look your best, the Nailyhome top combines beauty and the holiday season into one. With a modern designed sweater and a beautifully sequined deer head on the front, it will surely accentuate your personal style.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy the thickness of traditional jumpers, you’ll love this design as it helps to offer comfortable wear without added padding and fleece. Its thinner construction makes it the perfect jumper for indoor wear or underneath a parka or jacket.

6. “Let It Snow” Jon Snow Christmas Sweater

Let it snow john snow

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As another phenomenally popular television show, Game of Thrones swept our hearts away, especially when it came to one of the main characters Jon Snow. If you’re a fan of the house of Stark, we advise taking a look at the “Let It Snow” Jon Snow Christmas Sweater. It has the same traditional Christmas sweater print but with an added feature, a portrait of Jon Snow himself with a hilarious Santa hat on top of his head.

There are other great images on the front of the sweater such as Stark insignias that are in alternating patterns of white, red, and green to help add to the Christmas spirit. Plus, this sweater is ready to wear right out of the bag as it is constructed out of 100% preshrunk cotton for the most amount of comfort. You simply can’t get any closer to the perfect Christmas sweater for a Game of Thrones fan than with this design.

Finding the perfect Christmas jumper can be a lot easier than you thought as long as you are willing to open your mind and try something a little different. Our list of the best holiday jumpers includes everything from your traditional jumpers to ones that offer a little hint of pop culture from great television shows that everyone knows.

With the help of this list, you’ll be well on your way to buying an impressive holiday sweater that everyone will love at your upcoming party or function.

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