The Right Gift for Every Stage of Your Relationship

If you have ever been in a relationship, whether it is long term or you start over and over again with someone new, there are multiple things that can really make or break the experience. One of the things that you run into in every relationship, at any stage, will be holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. This time of gift-giving can be greatly beneficial to your relationship if you go about it the right way, or it could turn into a disastrous downward turn.

Not only does one have to worry about what would be the perfect gift for their special someone, they also have to adhere to the timing of the relationship and where they are in the emotional bond and stages. Not every gift works for every occasion either, so that is also another thing that could possibly be a problem giver.

the Right Gift for Every Stage of Your Relationship

In all opportunities of gift giving, the possibilities are endless. This could also mean that the reaction to the gift can also go to either end of the spectrum and as far and as wide in between. Gift giving is not only an opportunity to say something without words to someone, but also make it a gesture that perfectly fits where you are in the relationship and what you want to “say” to them.

At any stage of a relationship a great gift will be a gift of an experience that both of you can do together. The amount you spend or how lavish it is will probably coincide with how far and how serious you two are in the relationship, but a date can never be a wrong decision.

For the beginning stages:

the Right Gift for Every Stage of Your Relationship

The main goal here is to try and not scare your new mate away. The rule of thumb is to not spend too much money,  not to get too romantic or not to give a gift which could be perceived as too intrusive in their life.

Keep it light but fun, show you care about them without being too deep about it. Cooking a dinner for them or a low key gift that is sweet and thoughtful will be a perfect go-to at this part of the relationship. You want to give them a taste of how you could care for them or that you do care about them, but don’t go all out!

Leave yourself room for the next occasion, so that you both have something to look forward to.

For “its getting interesting” stage:

the Right Gift for Every Stage of Your Relationship

Once you’ve tested the waters and have decided to move forward, you can get a bit more enticing in your gift giving. Try and be a bit more direct and let your mate know through your gift that you are ready to explore and break down some barriers.

At this point you might already be in the love stage, so don’t be afraid to be a bit more romantic with your gift giving, a bit more seductive, and a bit more of everything. A delicate piece of jewelry (never a ring!), or a romantic cruise can be a great break the ice to explore the relationship and delve deeper.

For your “this is it” stage:

the Right Gift for Every Stage of Your Relationship

This can get as personal as you want. At this point in your relationship, you should feel comfortable enough to get as expensive, as sentimental, and as deep as you want. Our suggestion is to make it symbolic. If you are telling your significant other you want to move in together or that you are ready for the future stages, get drastic and symbolic!

Buy a brand new mattress, buy an appointment with a real estate agent….buy a puppy! Though it doesn’t have to be necessarily life changing, you can also take baby steps to that point. Take it as fast or as slow as you both feel comfortable, and your gift can show this.

For your “I’ve been loving you forever” stage:

the Right Gift for Every Stage of Your Relationship

Use memories as your go-to. Don’t just print out some pictures and make a photo album (which is an option), but get creative with it! Though you might not be artistic, there are custom art options online available to those who want to turn their photos into art! The possibilities of this are endless, just pinterest it!

We hope that you can use these tips to find the perfect gift for every stage of any relationship that you have.

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