Harmonica Coolbros Standard key of C

We’ll bet that you probably have a child or grandchild who wants to learn to play a musical instrument. It is always satisfying being able to play music and it is easier to learn when one is young and still open to learning new things. A big hindrance to learning to play music is the high cost of most instruments, as there is always a risk that the child won’t take to music as everyone hoped.

The answer for beginners is to choose a simple to play and cheap to buy a musical instrument. This Harmonica from Coolbros costs under $10 and is really easy to play. Unless you have a Chromatic harmonica, most of them come in only one key, but that is fine because it is easier to learn

Harmonica from Coolbros

and play along with someone else.

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Detailed information about Harmonica Coolbros Standard key of C

It is the perfect size for beginners (10.5cm x 3cm x 2cm) and is as easy to hold in one hand as it is in two hands. The comb of the harmonica (that’s the bit that sits between the player’s lips) is made from food-grade ABS so is perfectly safe and will not cause problems with skin, taste or metal poisoning.

The inside of the harmonica (that is the part that vibrates and makes the music) is made from Phosphor Bronze, is highly resistant to corrosion and will carry on playing for many years.

The whole package comes as the harmonica, carrying case, cleaning cloth and full user manual so there is everything necessary for the complete beginner as well as someone a bit more experienced.


Costs under $10

Comes complete with a hard carrying case, a cleaning cloth and full instructions

Harmonicas are really easy to learn to play

The part that goes between the lips is food grade, non-toxic ABS

The inner parts are corrosion resistant