HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band Fleece Indoor or Outdoor Slippers

Who says that slippers can’t be fashionable? These cross fleece slippers from HALLUCI perfect blend fashion and comfort and are the perfect woman’s slipper. With a waterproof bottom, you can actually wear these slippers out of the house, and since they look so great, why not? With several fashionable colors to choose from, every woman can easily find a pair that she will love.

Specs: These slippers feature a fleece memory foam insole and ¾” inch EVA bottom that is waterproof and skid-resistant. The top features a cross band design and is made from a plush fleece. Choose from a variety of colors including classic neutrals like gray, beige, and black, as well as more vibrant colors like dark green or burgundy or go for an animal print!

Why it’s a great gift: These are the perfect gift for any woman who loves being comfortable but wants to look nice at the same time. These slippers perfectly blend the two and are also a quality design as well. Her feet will be warm, she’ll be safe from slipping, and she’ll look cute too! If that’s not a perfect gift we don’t know what is! Perfect to gift during colder months, say as a holiday present for Christmas or New Years’.

What we like: We like how soft these slippers are and the variety of fun, fashion-forward colors. The cross band design is also very popular right now, so we appreciate that these slippers feel modern while still being a classic slipper that will keep your feet warm. We actually like the open toe design as well, as the fleece keeps your feet warm but you don’t have to worry about your feet sweating like can be the case with some closed-toe designs.

What we don’t like: The fleece can stretch a bit with time, so you might want to consider sizing down if you are in-between sizes.

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Memory foam

Waterproof sole

Skid resistant

Great color options


Fleece is not very durable