Evriholder Genie Microfiber Women’s Slippers

Cleaning floors can be a daunting task for some people and for others, it can be an obsessive behavior. Whichever the case, we cannot live with dirty floors, and cleaning has to happen frequently. But while at it, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the cleanup will not leave your hardwood or tile floors scratched or damaged?

Here is something that will come in handy when it comes to keeping floors clean. The Evriholder pair of genie microfiber cleaning slippers will get lots of cleaning done around one’s home. Imagine washing your floors while simply walking through your home? We believe it’s quite fun and less tiring.

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Detailed information about Evriholder Genie Microfiber Women’s Slippers

These are microfiber slippers so when one wears them; it will be like using some dust-attracting sweepers on their feet and walk around the house doing some thorough cleaning on their floors. These fuzzy slippers are designed with microfiber fingers on their soles that will gather dust, grab pet hair and collect dirt on the floor.

And since they are small sized and well-shaped, the microfiber cleaning slippers can reach places where it would be hard to clean with a broom or a mop. They are perfect for cleaning tile, wood, vinyl floors. The cleaning cloth is attached to the slipper using a Velcro faster and once done with the cleaning, it can be removed easily to shake off the dirt and the dust collected.


Designed with microfiber fingers for trapping dust, hairs, dirt, and particles on the floor

Available in sizes 6-9

Can be used on all floor surfaces such as tile, vinyl, wood, and linoleum

They are machine washable