Girls Emoji Leggings

Teenagers these days have almost created a new language based solely on emojis. It seems like they can express almost any thought or emotion with a simple smiley face. These emojis have been sweeping the world and can be found on almost everything, hats, stuffed toys, clothes, etc. Generic has hopped on this emoji train and created a pair of leggings that feature four of the most popular emojis used today. Any teen would love to sport these in their wardrobe!

The leggings are made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane so they are super stretchy but hug the legs when worn. They come in a silver-white color and have 4 emojis featured on one side of the leg. The emojis include: tongue sticking out, kiss and wink, heart eyes and closed eye laughter. They’re some of the most popular emojis that teens use every day!

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Detailed information about Girls Emoji Leggings

Leggings themselves are a very popular style of pants because they’re comfortable and hug the body to make the legs look long and shapely. They’re fantastic as a comfortable outfit for the gym, and even for school or going to the mall. The emoji faces are very cute and make the leggings stand out as well as adding some flair to any outfit.