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Green Mountain Coffee

Coffee lovers just adore trying the different types of bean and roasts with their various flavors, textures and strengths. It could almost be called a hobby in its own right. So what better gift for a coffee lover than to buy them one of these sample kits of various types of coffee.

Each box from ‘Variety Packs’ contains samples of coffee in containers designed to fit the Keurig K-Cup Coffee maker. What more could your coffee loving friend want than to open one of these boxes and find samples of different beans, different flavors and different brands.

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They can slowly work their way through the list and decide which ones they prefer to drink. There are so many different types that it would be impractical to list them all but they are all well-known brands with blends ranging from the favorites to those less well known flavors.

There are four different sets of coffee: “Bold Lover’s” contains K-Cup pods from twenty different types of dark roast and medium coffee; “Coffee Lover’s” contains samples from a wide range of flavors, roasts and brands; “Flavored Lover’s” contain pods from ten different varieties of flavored coffee; “GMCR Favorites” contain a selection of the wide range of coffees produced by Green Mountain Coffee Roaster.



Each pod fits each one of the complete range of Keurig K-Cup coffee makers

Good coffee at a reasonable price