Hand-carved Set of 2 Beverage Chilling Granite Skull Whiskey Stones

When you know someone dearly and for a long time, giving gifts on special occasions tend to get a lot harder because, after a while, you feel like you have given them everything they wanted so you come up short on new and exciting items.

Sometimes, we tend to go the easy route and start giving them socks, plain shirts, and silverware, which are great gifts that are essential to life but does not really spark joy (Marie Kondo, we are looking at you!).

So if you are looking for a cool present that will surprise your loved one on an upcoming event that is worthy of a nice show of appreciation, then look no further, because we think you should give them this hand carved set of Whiskey Stones by Whiskey Bones.

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Detailed information about Hand-carved Set of 2 Beverage Chilling Granite Skull Whiskey Stones

Now these are not just ordinary whiskey stones, in fact, they are shaped like a skull, expertly handcrafted with granite that ultimately gives off a very interesting look to the skull.

Gone are the days of using ice in your whiskey and letting it melt while you chat away with your friends, making your drink bland and tasteless – these whiskey skull stones only need a few hours in the freezer and they are ready to be popped in your glass for a chilled drink.

Whether it be vodka, whiskey, gin, wine or even juice, we are sure your recipient will enjoy the iceless coolness of these skull stones.


Awesome looking and unique

Easy to use; simply place in the freezer to cool