Whiskey Bullet Stones – Premium Gift

The gift-giving season is almost here with us, and we all have a long gift list. If that list includes your boss, you must be all bogged down trying to figure out the most appropriate gift to get. This set of 6 whiskey bullet stones from Frolk is the perfect gift to give to your boss particularly if he is a whiskey or scotch lover.

Any whiskey lover knows how annoying it can be when ice starts diluting and watering down a drink, slowly thinning the fine flavor. This can spoil otherwise a good a drink and utterly ruin what would have fabulous drinking moment.

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Detailed information about Whiskey Bullet Stones – Premium Gift

The set comes with everything anyone would need for their drinks including whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and liquor. This set of whiskey bullet stones is exactly the kind of thing that will take anyone's drinking experience to another level.

These chilling bullets don’t interfere or alter the taste of the drink. How cool is this? One not only gets to have a cold glass of whiskey, but they also get it in its original state, no dilution, no taste alteration!

It's simply a case of what you pour is what you get, only that it gets better. Its chilled no loss of flavor whatsoever.

The chillers are made of quality material. They are safe to use on drinks, and they will never break or rust. These stones will last the receiver a lifetime.


The bullet stones keep a drink ice-cold

The set comes with high-quality twisted whiskey glasses

The bullet stones are of stainless steel, FDA approved

They don’t corrode, they are antibacterial, and dishwasher safe