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Grandparents House Rules Decorative Wall Art

Are you looking for a cute gift for the grandparents in your life that makes a playful statement about the fun their house offers? This adorable wall art fits the bill. The Grandparents House Rules Wall Art displays all of the rules that our grandparents undoubtedly follow, like “expect to be spoiled” and “share family traditions.” This playful and sweet collection of house rules is sure to bring a smile to anyone reading it, whether it be your grandparents or the guests in their home. A great conversation starter at family gatherings, this sweet, compact sign is sure to be treasured by the receiver.

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This sign’s relatively small size, measuring 12 x 6 inches, allows it to fit anywhere in with the décor of the home. The charming style of this sign, featuring a white faux clapboard background and lettering in different fonts colored red and brown to catch the eye, is made of quality manufactured wood right in the United States, by an independent company in Ohio. Whether you would prefer to hang this sign as a reminder on the wall or keep it on a bookshelf or display stand to complement your existing decorative items, the Grandparents House Rules Wall Art will always stand out. The lettering is crisply printed and easy to read even for those with mild vision impairments. The perfect gift from the grandchildren to give to their grandparents over the holidays, reminding them of the many things that make them so special.