Mixed Vintage Skeleton Keys

If your teenager is having an Alice in Wonderland party, the must-have invitation will include a vintage style key such as the one Alice held. Make the best invitation ever with this key accessory! If you’re looking for some skeleton key replicas then look no further because these vintage skeleton keys by Salome Idea are the perfect solution. They would be an ideal gift for a person who has a great love for vintage items in addition to being a must-have element in an Alice in Wonderland Party. The bearer of these keys is sure to make a great impression. They have not been crafted with any particular gender in mind and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

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Detailed information about Mixed Vintage Skeleton Keys

The keys are of 42 styles and extremely well crafted. They are available in bronze, copper, black & silver variants too. The keys vary in size from about 20 to 95mm. They have a plethora of uses including being used as an earing pendant, as a décor in vintage-themed birthdays & much more. Weddings are another occasion where one can make use of these keys as a table décor element as well.