Aurora Women’s Retro Wrist Watch

Nowadays, most of us just pull out our phones to check the time. But there is something special about the charming tick-tock of a mechanical watch, though, and this particular timepiece is sure to delight anyone who wears it. Slim-lined and unobtrusive, this useful wrist adornment is a great gift for your friend or family member who is always running late, helping them keep track of the time. Even for the friend or family member who is always on time, this watch will make a great accessory. Trade up their time-telling habit up with this beautiful watch and you are sure to be appreciated.

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Detailed information about Aurora Women’s Retro Wrist Watch

Featuring a simple, brown, 18 mm leather band with tonal stitching, this watch buckles neatly to the wrist. It features an analog quartz mechanic, in a rose gold hue. The stainless steel beneath the rose gold is sturdy and durable, as is the scratch resistant mineral window that protects the beautiful white face of the watch. All features of this timepiece are able to stand up the daily wear and tear of life. The watch is even resistant to splashes of water, so you don’t have to worry about taking off your watch when you are washing your hands, loading the dishwasher, or hosing down the car.