Big Bow 2 Pack Hairizone Makeup Headbands

All females know that the most annoying part of washing your face or doing an at-home spa mask is that hair is always in the way. And if you do manage to get it out of the way it is probably uncomfortable. This Hairizone headband is the perfect solution to your home spa needs, especially when it comes to keeping hair out of your face.

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Detailed information about Big Bow 2 Pack Hairizone Makeup Headbands

This is an adorable headband that has a big bow on the front. It is brightly colored and covered with polka dots. There are two different color options: Light Blue and Roseo or Pink and Red. This is a perfect gift for a daughter, mother, aunt, sister, or girlfriend. It is a stretchy headband that is fluffy, big and soft. It is comfortable and is meant to keep hair out of your face. There are two headbands in each pack and the best part it - they can be washed. It is a great gift for both adults and kids because they are elastic.