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Joy Leo DIY Wood Calendar Reminder

It is a common occurrence for a friend to forget essential dates of the calendar. It could be a birthday, a wedding date or a reunion date. Most times it results from juggling between life pressures and keeping up with family and friendships.

This DIY wood reminder calendar would come in handy as a gift for that friend that always forgets the squad’s birth dates. It couples up as a wall hanging hence acting as a decorative piece.

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Detailed information about Joy Leo DIY Wood Calendar Reminder

The set comes with 45 round wood tags, 45 wooden heart tags, one wall hook, and two markers. It is a suitable gift for mom to remember everyone's birthday. As the family grows, it is expected that not everyone will remember the essential dates of the year. It keeps all together in one place, and so there is no chance of missing a special day.

Also, this DIY set can be a fun piece for the family to put together especially when placing the dates that match the different special days. Instead of noting down on paper, this wall hanging will act as a great reminder without worrying about missing an important occasion.


Creative DIY for everyone

Interesting to put together

Lovely wooden theme