The Camping Checklist We Used Last Time We Went Camping for a Weekend

Camping is one of our favorite ways to spend time in nature but it’s very important you make sure you’re as prepared as possible (this is when a camping checklist comes in!). Even if you’re camping on your own, it’s likely you’ll need to bring far more things than you originally expected.

In order to make sure you’re definitely prepared for your next camping weekend, we’ve made a camping checklist of the most important things to bring!

Camping Checklist!

Campsite Gear

First and foremost, we’ll discuss the gear you’re going to need to get your campsite ready. These items will differ depending on the type of camping you want to do, but we’ve based this camping checklist on our most recommended items.

For campsite gear, you’re going to want to consider bringing:

Tent with poles and stakes

Extra tarp to use as a canopy

Sleeping bag for each camper

Tent repair kit


Extra blankets (depending on the season)

Lanterns with fuel or batteries

Headlamps with extra batteries

Kitchen Gear

You’re obviously going to need to eat while you’re away and most campsites don’t accommodate Uber Eats! The most recommended items you’ll need to set up a sufficient kitchen include:

Stove with fuel

Lighter and matches

Firewood (may be available from campgrounds)

Pots and pans



Garbage bags

Food storage containers


Roasting Sticks


Water bottles

Cutlery and plates

Cups and mugs

Cooking utensils

Cutting board

Biodegradable soap


Paper towels

Dishwashing bin



Another imperative part of your camping trip is to ensure you’re bringing more than enough clothes. With that said, you also want to make sure you don’t pack too much as it can take up valuable space that you need.

The most important clothing items to ensure you pack include:

Daytime clothes




Extra layers (depending on the season)



Shoes (hiking boots, water shoes, slip on shoes, etc.)


Personal Items

Even though you’re only away from home for the weekend, it’s still important that you consider a variety of personal items. Depending on the campsite you choose, there may be showers available, so you’ll want to make sure you can take advantage of them if possible.

Our most recommended items to bring on a weekend camping trip include:

Insect repellent


First-aid kit

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Shampoo and conditioner

Body wash or bar soap

Prescription medications

Hand soap

Unscented body lotion

Other Important Items

If you’ve been camping before, there are likely other items you’ll want to bring with you that you’ve learned are important over the years.

A few other important items to consider bringing with you on your weekend camping trip include:

Small broom and dustpan

Hammer or mallet

Saw or an axe


Grill racks


Navigational tools

Games and toys

Dog gear

Dry bags (to keep belongings dry)

Reading materials

Field guides



Portable camp shower

The Top Tips for Weekend Camping

Now that you have a clear idea of the items you’ll surely need when taking a weekend camping trip, it’s important to take note of some great tips.

Even the most veteran campers can benefit from having extra tips and tricks to make their weekend excursions more comfortable and safer.

Tip 1: Practice Tent Set Up

This is especially important if you have bought a new tent that you’ve never used before. Setting it up at home can help you to save valuable daylight once you make it to your campsite.

Even for tents that claim can be set up in under 10 minutes, you won’t know just how tough it is until you take it out of the box. We highly recommend trying to set up your tent before camping as it will help you to avoid a lot of frustration.

Tip 2: Get Campsite Information

As a fantastic way to make sure you’re not packing too much, it’s very important that you get information about your campsite ahead of time. You’ll want to know if you have access to electricity or running power.

It’s also important to know if firewood will be available and if there are personal amenities, such as showers. Above all else, learn about wildlife and insects in the area so you can be sufficiently prepared.

Tip 3: Consider Extra Padding

If you’re someone who loves to feel as comfortable as possible when camping, you might want to consider adding extra padding to your sleeping gear.

Apart from your sleeping bag, you may also want to consider an inflatable mattress or even sleeping bag pads. The more padding you have, the more comfortable your sleep will be at night.

However, you will also need to consider taking up more space in your vehicle and camping bags.

Tip 4: Bring Games

Even though you and your family might be excited about spending time in nature, it might not be a viable option depending on the weather. It’s always a great idea to bring games to help everyone wind down between dinner and bedtime.

You might want to consider bringing campsite-friendly games, such as games that don’t have a lot of small pieces. You’d be surprised at just how entertaining a single deck of cards can be.

Tip 5: Check the Weather

The fifth, final, and arguably most important tip is to make sure you check the weather for the weekend you’ll be traveling. This will give you an idea of how many waterproofing items you’re going to need to bring with you.

In addition, it will help you to pack the perfect amount of clothing to tackle rain, snow, cold, or heat. You might find that if the area you’re visiting is in store for a torrential downpour, you may want to consider booking another weekend at the campsite when it will be the most enjoyable.

However, always make sure you plan for any type of weather, as forecasts can change in a matter of minutes.

When planning a weekend camping trip either by yourself or with loved ones, it’s important you know exactly what to pack. By following this fantastic camping checklist, you’ll have all of the most essential items you need as well as a couple of extras for even more comfort while outdoors.

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