Zoopen Multi-Purpose Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Traveling can be a little dangerous, especially for the sensitive materials you bring with, like passports and credit cards. But now, you can keep them in Zoopen’s Multi-Purpose Travel Passport Wallet where they’ll be safe and sound. If it’s a gift you’re looking for, then look no further. This wallet is perfect for the traveler in your life and for those who want to keep their sensitive items more protected.

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Detailed information about Zoopen Multi-Purpose Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

It’s made of high-quality eco-friendly leather and has even passed the Euro Reach Quality Standard, so you know you’re only getting the best stuff. It’s small enough to keep it in a secure place so pickpockets can’t steal it. Plus, it also has RFID blocking shield material which protects your items from any technological thefts trying to scan your credit cards or steal information off of your phone. And yes, the wallet is big enough to hold a cell phone. In fact, it’s so roomy it contains 1 boarding pass compartment,  1 passport pocket, 1 ID slot, 3 credit card slots, 1 sim card, 1 ticket slot, pouch, 1 money zippered pocket, 1 cell phone pouch,  1 key holder, 1 pen holder and 1 extra slim pocket!

You can fit all your carry-on and travel essentials into one little wallet for easy access and extra protection. It’s durable which is perfect for constant use, plus, it’s really lightweight, so you can put it in a bag or even carry it in your hands without any extra added weight.