The Drive Bin XL

We have all been there. If you have kids, there is no way to keeping your car clean. It just gets messy. There is trash everywhere, there is some gum or crayon or maybe who knows what it is in the cracks, fingerprints all over the windows, and well there can be more said but we think you know the picture. Even adults can sometimes have a messy car. We have busy lives. We go to Starbucks, hit Mcdonalds, and do some other stuff all before heading to work. We get to work, and we forget our trash in our car. The day goes by, you come home, and then you forget it again. Next thing you know it becomes a cycle and you keep saying to yourself it will be cleaned up soon. Wrong! What if there was a simple yet effective way to eliminate this problem? Well, there is, which is why we introduce to you The Drive Bin XL!

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Detailed information about The Drive Bin XL

The Drive Bin is something that once you know what it is makes total sense. It is something so simple, yet so effective. It is something you wonder why it wasn't invented before and wonder why you are just hearing about it now. So, now that the cat is out of the bag, just what exactly is it? Well, it is a trash can for your car. Simply put. But, it does not just stop there. It is also a cooler! It has insulated walls to keep food and drink hot/cold. On the sides, it has spots for drinks or a place to store other things. It is also small and portable. It is 15 inches by 7inches wide and stands at 10 inches tall. All you do is place a used plastic grocery bag into the liner and presto! You can now use it for on the go! To start off, you get 10 liners to start with when you buy it. After that, then you do need to use your own. Another great feature is if you are worried about it sagging or not staying upright, well, fear not. It is built with stiff walls so that does not happen.