Where’s Ellie?: A Hide-and-Seek Book

Looking for the perfect, fun gift to get your child, grandchild, or niece or nephew? This is it! This book isn’t just any ordinary book, but rather, is an exciting hide-and-seek book that will keep any child entertained for hours!

Where’s Ellie? That is the question your little one will be asking as they search the pages for the hidden elephant. Each page offers a new scene to search through and a small part of Ellie to discover, leading up to finding her on the last page of the book! This is a great, engaging book that any child will love looking through.

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Detailed information about Where’s Ellie?: A Hide-and-Seek Book

Ellie is also given texture on the pages of the book, making it a great toy that works for both visual and tactile senses! Great for young children who love exploring and touching things, they will absolutely love this book.

This book isn’t just fun, it will also help teach a child to remember the names of common objects. Ellie the elephant isn’t the only one on the pages of the book! There are plenty of other fun, colorful items on each page that a child can start to learn. This makes for a great gift for a child that they can also enjoy using with their parents- a great bonding opportunity that any parent will love to share with their child!