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14k Yellow Gold Floating Miniature Dog Bone Pendant

Calling all dog lovers! This beautiful 14k gold necklace is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. Whether that is your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, or just a friend, they are sure to love and appreciate this gorgeous piece of jewelry. The modern design makes it appeal to the younger generation, while still being classic enough to please older women as well.

Jewelry is always a great idea when it comes to a gift idea for the special lady in your life, and this particular necklace is excellent for anyone who owns a dog. Simple and elegant in design, this pendant necklace is in the sleek shape of a dog bone. Any dog lover would love wearing this necklace and displaying their love for their pup!


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Because it is made from true 14k yellow gold, this necklace is durable enough to wear every day, but can also just as easily be dressed up and worn on a special occasion. With a 17 inch chain, it sits higher up on the chest, a more modern style that is perfect for anyone to wear today! Wear it with a simple little black dress, or wear it with your favorite t-shirt and jeans- this necklace is truly versatile!

The necklace has a polished finish so it will glimmer and shine, a beautiful touch to an already beautiful necklace.