Custom Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

Are you looking for a customizable gift? Some of the items that you can customize include jewelry, clothes, etc. You can have your favorite quote, the person’s name or a compelling message on their special occasion. Necklaces are easy to customize, and most of them come with the option of writing the texts down.

For some, the manufactures send the pieces with already typed text. Whichever the way, the most important thing is to have relatable words on the necklace. This one from Caramel gives you a variety of choices so you can get what you prefer.

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Detailed information about Custom Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

The necklace has a stainless steel chain which is perfectly designed to suit everyone. The chain measures approximately 30 inches so it can fit all around the neck and leave enough room for the hanging pendant. The pendants come in different shapes including a heart shape, round and rectangular. They are securely fitted on the chain leaving space to go round the chain.

Also, you can choose a different color such as stainless steel, gold, Rose gold and black. All these colors are suitable for everyday wear and will match with your outfits. The pendant has up to 8 lines of personalized text. The text is on both sides, so it still has words even when it flips over to the other side. The necklace is a nice gift idea for a friend's birthday or any other occasion.