Fibber Card Game

The average kid watches about 35 hours of television per week. In today’s age, it is so easy for kids to just use electronics for fun instead of going outside. Whether it is playing on their phones, laptops, Playstations or anything else for that matter, in reality, it isn’t healthy. What better way to get your kids to have some family fun than playing a simple board game?! We here at That Sweet Gift may have found a perfect game that the whole family will enjoy. We introduce to you Fibber!

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Detailed information about Fibber Card Game

If you have ever wondered how Pinocchio feels when he lies and his nose grows, now you can see for yourself! The object of the whole game is to be the person with the shortest nose after all the noses have been taken. The box includes 4 eyeglasses, which means only 4 players maximum can play at a time. It also includes 11 ‘noses’, 1 game mat, and 24 cards in which you receive 4 bigfoots, 4 ghosts, 4 aliens, 4 witches, 4 dragons, and lastly, 4 wilds. Each player needs to put on a pair of glasses and the cards should be dispersed evenly among the players. There will be a ‘silver’ nose in front of you that says which card to play. If the card is bigfoot, you should get rid of your bigfoot cards. If you do not have bigfoot cards, you can try and ‘fib’ your way into placing other cards down without people figuring out you fibbed. If you get caught fibbing, you will place a nose on your glasses. The rules of the game are very simple and straightforward, and the game gets easier and makes more sense as you play.