Bushnell Model 368220 Neo Ghost Best Golf GPS

If you are a major golf fan, chances are you know about golfing GPS devices. This particular model, the Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS, is a fantastic introduction to this genre of technology. The sole purpose of these devices is to provide a golfer with accurate yardage information, letting them know exactly how many yards are between them and the hole or particular course features such as a sand trap.

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Detailed information about Bushnell Model 368220 Neo Ghost Best Golf GPS

Using satellite data, the GPS module will track the exact distance between the golfer and the hole or course feature. This particular model is remarkable because it comes preloaded with more than thirty thousand different golf courses from all over the world. Before your gift recipient ever takes this device out of the box, it already knows the ins and outs of where they are about to head off golfing. If your gift recipient happens to be on a course that the GPS is unfamiliar with, it is an easy fix. Bushnell provides course information for every possibility, all it takes is a quick and simple download of the custom selected course. The Neo Ghost also offers a shot distance feature that operates something like a stopwatch for distance. The golfer just needs to press the button from where they hit from and walk to where their ball ended up. The GPS will read out an accurate yardage of the distance that the ball traveled.